2013 Christmas Families

Each year we “adopt” about 20 Refugee families for the holidays. Each of us taps into our circle of friends for help. And it is help we get! We provide everything from bicycles and sewing machines to grocery store gift cards and pots and pans.    This year we have a very special Christmas party planned Saturday, December 7th from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm at the Borah High School cafeteria where we will get to meet our families. We will have crafts, food, entertainment and interpreters (and even a visit from Santa, another very busy new volunteer)! All of this is provided by donations. But this isn’t the usual donate money and hope it gets to the person who truly needs it scenario. You can become involved at any level you want. Anything you do will make a difference in their lives. You can meet the family you “adopt” and visit them with the help from an interpreter at the Christmas party. Then at your convenience anytime before December 25th you can deliver your gifts directly to your family’s home. (Other than the gifts that Santa has for the children, presents will not be given out at the party - from past parties we know that’s very chaotic.  We welcome you to the Eternal League of Friends.

Thanks to so many wonderfully generous people all of our families are adopted – But there are other ways to help– gift cards, buy a bunch of toilet paper, cleaning supplies, tooth brushes etc. that can be divided up to give to the families. We can also use your cash to help pay for interpreters at the Christmas Party (refugees who now speak English well enough to translate for the new Americans)



shalalShalal Family FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED Father: Raed Shalal age 38, Mother (not in picture): Sarah Ali Jasim age 27,  Son: Hamid Raed Radam age 6,  Daughter: Raneen Raed Radam age 1

Raed and his family are from Iraq and arrived in Boise in July 2013. While living in his home country and also when living in Jordan Raed worked as a skilled carpenter. He is now working very late hours at Clearview Cleaning while his wife stays at home and takes care of their two kids. His wife Sarah has pretty good English she says “mostly through watching movies”. They are really liking it here in Boise so far.

The families greatest needs are as follows: Winter clothing: they are all in need of all types of winter clothing. This includes, big winter jackets, gloves, socks, snow boots, snow pants, hats. They are use to maybe only a few days of snow and have never experienced the cold long winters that we have here. House hold items needed: Serving trays for dinner foods (1 big one and 3 small ones), an 8-quart large pot, they also have no end tables for their living room so that was a significantly expressed need, blankets for the beds (double and queen sized), also they are in need of two dressers for two of the rooms in the house, then lastly they need a rug (about 5x7sq. ft) for their living room. Clothing sizes Dad – Pants 34-34/ shoe size 9 men’s / large sweatshirt / glove size large / Jacket size large Mom – Pants size 13 womens / shirt size large / shoes women 9 / gloves medium / women jacket size extra large Hamid (son) – Pants size 8 (boys) / shirt size small or medium / sweatshirt and jacket size 7 (kids) / medium kid size gloves Raneen (daughter – Sweater size 2 (toddlers) / Jeans size 2 (toddlers) / small kid size gloves / clothing sizes she is in a 2t Things the family expressed they wanted: Dad – a car so he could have easier transportation to work especially with his long late hours. He also said he would really like a nice watch for himself. Mom – would love to get some nail polishes and nail polish remover, and some makeup. She also talked about how she would like a smart phone, she does have a phone but it is an older version and she is ready for an upgrade. She would also love hair barretts, hair clips, and a big purse to fit a lot of things in when she goes out. Son – hand held Nintendo DS system. He also said that he would really like an x-box and games to go along with it. Daughter – Wants little children jewelry, bicycle with training wheels, hair barretts and things for her hair. She is into dolls and little girl stuff. As a whole family they said the one thing they would want would be a new T.V. because theirs doesn’t work all the time.

Farah family of 3 from Uganda FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED  Family Manager is Amanda

M. Adan  Hus  43y     Size shoe 8, clothes L, Halima     wife  41y    Size shoe 8, clothes XL, Abdikadir son   13 y    Size shoe 4, clothes 13boy

We came to Boise on 3/28/2013 through Agency for New Americans.  We are from Somalia, we fled to Uganda as refugees. Lived in the camps in Uganda, Life is complicated when human beings are not respected and been killed or forced to leave their home.

Family needs: Cleaning supply for bathrooms and kitchen ,toilet paper, laundry detergent, trash bags, Winter clothing, such as coat or jackets, boots, purse for ladies and watches, perfume, please. Blankets or comforters. Full and queen sheets. Coins for laundry . Warm socks. Wallet.  Other things they would like: Play station, blender, dishes,. IPod, set of phone for home, vacuum cleaner

Fayyadh Family from of 6 from Iraq  FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED ELF family manager is Amy WL

Abdulrazzaq Fayyadh -45 years old Dad Hanan Fayyadh-38 years old  Mom Sajjad Ghaffoori- 14 years old  Son Mohammed Ghaffoori-12 years old  Son Mustafa Fayyadh – 9 months old  Son Yousif Fayyadh-3 years old

They arrived in Boise on 8/6/13

Family Needs: Clothing for all the family like ( Jackets, Pants, and T-shirts). Sajjad size XL, Mohammed size L, Abdulrazzaq size XL, Yousif and Mustafa size M, and Hanan size XL. Shoes for all the family. sajjad size 11, Mohammed size 9, yousif size 3, Mustafa size 2, and hanan size 8).

Scooter for Mohammed Cooking supplies like ( pans, cooking pots, and glasses). Wooden beds for Mustafa and yousif Toys for the children Child feeding chair for Mustafa Umbrellas Bicycles sewing machine, PlayStation, LCD TV) if possible

Aldain Family of 2 from Babylon Iraq  FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED Family manager is Jeanie Buthainah Taj Aldain     75    Mother and Mayyadah Taj Aldeen    50 Daughter They arrived in Boise in August.

They would like an Ipad, Bicycle, Blender, Iron, Hair Dryer, Backpack (black or gray), and an umbrella.  Looks like they have also asked for a vacuum.

Buthainah would like :  Coat, Purse, Boots,Rain Coat, Bra, Half Slip, Quilt Clothing XL and Shoe 9.  She likes to wear black and white

Mayyadah would like : Boots, Purse, Athletic Shoes, Sport Wear, Wristwatch, Leather Jacket, Bra, Half Slip, Full Slip, Thermal under shirt .  Clothing size XL   shoe size 9.5.  The colors she likes are black, white, dark blue and gray.

Al AzaoeAl Azaoe family of 5 from Iraq FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED

Raad      Dad  24y      Size shoe 10.5, clothes small, Nada      Mom   21y     Size shoe 8.5wide, clothes small, Sarah     Daughter   16y  Size shoe 7.5, clothes girls16s, Tabarak   Daughter 13y Size shoe 8.5, clothes girls14 Hussein   son     19y     Size shoe 10.5, clothes boys19

We came to Boise on 11/7/2013 from Iraq, we fled to Syria as refugees. Lived in the camps in Syria Not easy life you all may know what is happening in Iraq and Syria, cannot be safe, no opportunities. We like Boise, I am happy my kids can go school in peaceful place.

Family needs : Gift card to buy boots and shoes, cleaning supply for bathrooms and kitchen ,toilet paper, laundry detergent, winter clothing, such as coat or jackets, boots, purses for ladies and watches for everyone, please. Blankets or comforters. Wall mirror, blender, coffee table, pots and pans, dishes, hair dryer and straightener, acne wash or cream for the 16y girl, bikes for 13y and 19y. For the dad, ball for soccer or basketball.

AhmadiAhmadi family – from Afghanistan FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED Mother, daughter & son Aisha – mother (age 61), Leda – girl (22), & Shabeer – boy (19) This family is originally from Afghanistan where the father was taken away by the Taliban years ago and another daughter is still residing. They moved to a refugee camp in Pakistan in 2000 and stayed there for 13 years, leaving their family separated. While in Pakistan, Leda attended a university studying agriculture and was second in her class of 87. The Ahmadi family arrived to Boise in June 2013. Leda hopes to continue in her studies and Shabeer also has aspirations to attain a degree. The siblings both speak English and are hardworking and ambitious. The love and hope in this family is very apparent and contagious. Items needed include: WINTER CLOTHES Aisha (61year old mother): shirt/jacket (M), dress (L), pant/legging (8/L), shoe/boot (7-7.5), glove (Women’s M) longer trench type coat to go over dresses, scarves, socks Leda (22 year old girl): shirt/jacket (M), pant (3), shoe/boot (8), glove (Women’s M), skinny jeans, scarves, socks, cosmetic make-up (eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, nail polish etc.), tanning lotion, mobile phone, laptop for school Shabeer (19 year old boy): shirt/jacket (M), pant (30×30), shoe/boot ( 9), glove (Men’s M), scarves, hats, socks, winter gear, laptop for school Household needs: Microwave, large cooking pot (8qt), 2 large dinner plates, lots of warm blankets, full & twin size sheets, pillows, towels, bathroom scale, coffee maker, shower curtain (plus rod & rings), flat screen TV to be mounted on in living room

Abdul Majidy Pic 1The Majidy Family  FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED Abdul Majidy (father) / Bahara Majidy (mother) Hasti Majidy (daughter 2 ½ ) / Anas Majidy(son 3 ½) Abdul and his family are from Afghanistan. Abdul worked with the United States military as an interpreter and IT support. Abdul is working while his wife Bahara continues her education and becomes more familiar with the English language. The family arrived in Boise in July 2013. The family’s greatest needs are as follows: Winter clothing: Coats / gloves / hats / snow pants/ boots Both Dad and Son need tennis shoes Computer: Abdul having a technical background and Bahara attending school would really like a computer to aid daily activities, and the family needs one for household use (bill paying) Appliances: Vacuum /microwave / food processor /mixer Dishes: Glass baking casserole dishes/ pots and pans/ tableware-plates, bowls, silverware, cups Clothing sizes Dad – Pants 33-34 / shirt Large / gloves large / shoes: size 9 men’s Mom – Pants 14-16 (ladies) / shirt Xlarge / med-large gloves / Xlarge coat (winter)/dress size 12-14/ shoe size: 10 women’s Hasti age 2 ½ (Daughter) – Pants 4t / shirt 4t / shoe size: kids 11 / needs all things winter (hat / coat/ gloves/ scarf/ boots/ snow pants) Hasti really like princess dresses, tutus etc. Favorite color is green. Anas age 3 ½ (Son) – Pants 4t-5t / shirt 4t / shoe size 1 / needs all things winter (hat / coat/ gloves/ scarf/ boots/ snow pants) Likes bright colors-orange and Spiderman

And what each would like to have: Dad – a newer TV or at least a digital antenna so that the family can watch basic channels, possibly a DVD player, also would like a Mac Book Pro. He would also like a wallet.

Mom – a nice dress, makeup, and a purse. She showed desire in owning a computer tablet and having a solid colored couch. Hasti and Anas – Both children expressed huge interest in a video gaming console. Age appropriate toys. Anas, likes trucks and cars. Hasti, likes princess stuff, dolls etc.

Notes: Abdul received injuries in Afghanistan related to his aiding the U.S. military. He often sleeps on the floor due to pain in his back. He would love a new mattress or bed.

SafariSafari Family – from Congo (Zaire) FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED – Elf family manager is Amy B Father, Mother, 2 kids & grandson Severin – Father (age 57), Florence – Mother ( 37), Guershon – boy (17), Grace – girl (15), Shalom – boy (13), Matt- grandson (2) Zeverin worked in administration for a major hospital in the Congo. Due to a war, he and his family were forced to flee to a refugee camp in Tanzania in 1998. They remained there for 15 years, living in brutal conditions and raising their family. They have just arrived to Boise this year in June. Through it all they are a very joyful and tight-knit family. Items needed: WINTER CLOTHES Severin (57 year old father): shirt/jacket (XL), pant (36), shoe/boot (8.5), glove (Men’s M or L), warm clothes Florence (37 year old mother): shirt/jacket (M), pant (8 or 10), shoe/boot (8.5), glove (Women’s M), scarves, warm clothes, laptop Guershon (17 year old boy): shirt/jacket (M), pant (32 x 29), shoe/boot (9), glove (Men’s M or L), warm clothes, bicycle, laptop, helmet Grace (15 year old girl): shirt/jacket (S), pant (7 in juniors), shoe/boot (8.5), glove (Women’s M), scarves, warm clothes, hipster style glasses with fake lenses, iPad Shalom (13 year old boy): shirt/jacket (kids L), pant (30), shoe/boot (7), glove (kids L), warm clothes, snow boots, skateboard, bike, helmet, roller blades Matt (2 year old boy): 2 yrs size warm winter clothes & boots/shoes, toys, books, toddler stuff Household Needs: Electrical heaters, kitchen utensils (forks, spoons etc,), cooking pots, cooking utensils (spatulas, wooden spoon, etc,), 5×7 rug for living room, family play station/game console

Najimo and daughter from Somalia  FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED ELF Family Manager is Lonni Najmo   Mom              21y      Size shoe 9, clothes XL, Nasra     Daughter       2.5y     Size shoe 9, clothes 3t,

Najimo came to Boise on 8/27/2013. She came from Somalia and had fled to Kenya as refugees. Lived in the camps in Kenya alone, my parents were in America as refugee. I am happy join my parent and would like to work and go for a new start.

Family needs:Cleaning supply for bathrooms and kitchen ,toilet paper, laundry detergent,Winter clothing, such as coat or jackets, boots, purse for ladies and watches, perfume and make up, please. Blankets or comforters. Full or queen and baby blanket. Toys for my daughter, blender, dishes.

karenKaren Buila and 3 daughters from Colombia Family has been adopted family manager is Jeanie The family arrived in Boise 2 months ago from Colombia.  Karen is a signle mother with 3 girls. Karen  age 32   size M  shoe size 9  She likes blue and red.  Would like a bicycle, hair brush, blow dryer and a watch.  She needs a coat, boots and gloves. Diana age 14  size small shoe size 9   She prefers black and blue colors and needs a coat, boots and gloves. She would like a DVD(not sure if this is a player) clock, bicycle. Karen  age 5  shoe size kids 11.  Yello and pink are her favorite colors.  She needs coat, boots, gloves and would like bicycle, dolls and games. Maria  age 4  shoe size kids 9. She also likes yellow and pink and needs a coat gloves and boots.  Wants dolls, a bicycle and games. The family needs:  blankets, clock, pillows, bath towels, hand towels, toaster oven, blender, toaster, pot, broom, wet mop, iron, hangers, laundry bascket.


Linda & baby on the way FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED Elf family manager is Amy B Linda  is 23 years old and a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo where a period of brutal ethnic conflict led to the murder of many of her family members. She had moved from Congo to Uganda in 2000, where she lived for thirteen years until resettlement in the Boise area this February. Linda is most notably a single mother expecting a child very soon and needs items for the newborn baby such as:  a crib, diapers, bottles, winter clothing, and some toys.

Linda also needs blankets, a microwave, sofa, pots and pans, kitchen supplies and silverware. Linda has requested size 7 snow boots. Linda is very honorably trying to increase her fluency in English and trying to obtain a GED education. To do this, Linda would like to receive English learning software, as well as GED studying materials such as textbooks. Furthermore if possible, Linda would like some entertainment supplies such as an iPod and a DVD player. Please help support Linda and her beautiful new child as they continue to settle in Boise by donating these supplies primarily based on what she and her new child needs.

MwemboThe Mwembo Family FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED Kasongo Mwembo (father 37), Zaina Tambwe (mother 29), Ronsard (son 14), Sarafin Lewb (son 9), Appoline (daughter 6), Zaqudi (daughter 4) Entire family is from Congo Africa and arrived in Boise on June 13, 2013. Dad works nights, mom stays at home with disabled child. Child doesn’t have a wheelchair, doesn’t walk, or talk, and is severely disabled. Family hasn’t had the opportunity to do family activities such as; bowling, going to the movies, might be nice to have passes to do so. Also, the family struggles with car troubles, and have no funds to have it professionally looked at, or fixed. The family’s greatest needs are as follows: Winter items: Clothes/gloves/jackets/ hats/scarfs/boots for entire family Household necessities: blankets, towels, pillows. furniture, computer, printer, vacuum cleaner, and camera Appliances: microwave food processor/blender for special needs child’s food, Barbeque Dishes: All kitchenware (pots, pans, cups, silverware, plates, ect.) Clothing sizes Mom – Pants 16-18 (ladies)/ shirt extra-large/ shoe 8 ½ / coat extra-large/ Needs socks and underwear Colors: black, pink, white, red Dad – Pants 34w 32l/ shirt Extra-large/ shoe 10/ coat extra-large/ Needs socks and underwear Colors: Any Ronsard – 14 (son) – Pants 16 regular/ shirt medium size 16/ shoe 11/ coat large/ needs socks and underwear Colors: Doesn’t like brown or grey Sarafin – 9 (son) – Pants 12R/ shirt medium or 8/ shoe 7/ coat medium/ needs socks and underwear Colors: Any Appoline – 6 (daughter) severely disabled – Pant 4T/ shirt 3T/ shoe 10 kids/ coat 4t/ needs socks and underwear (size 5 diapers) Zaqudi – 4 (daughter) – Pant 4t/ shirt 3t/ shoe 12 kids/ coat 4t/ needs socks and underwear

Some items they would like to have include: Mom – Bike and phone Dad – Laptop Ronsard – School supplies, Ipod, Rollerblades, Ipad, soccer ball, tennis rackets+balls, bike tires size 20, bike pump Sarafin – Remote control cars, soccer ball, ipad Appoline – NEEDS: size 5 diapers and a Kid’s education computer Zaqudi – Toy computer, barbie’s,

AbdallahAbdallah family of 4 from Libya. FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED – Elf family manager is Lonni They originated in Sudan, but with all the wars going on they soon moved to a refugee tent in Libya.  For two years they anticipated the move to the United States while living in the refugee tents with their two young children; Amal (2) and Mohamed (8 months).  They arrived in the United States on October 1st, 2013 with only their two young children and a couple changes of clothes.  With the long winter ahead they have something’s they need such as; warm blankets, warm clothes for everyone, and snow boots.  As we continued our conversation with them further we discovered they were in need of a few household items, such as; a microwave to cook food, a mixer, cups and plates, a vacuum, and a iron and iron board.

Size Chart: Ahmed(father):  Shoe: 43 in European ;    Shirts/jackets: large  **NO bright colors, only neutral colors**

Bothaina (mother):  Shoe: 8 ; Shirts/jackets: medium  **NO bright colors, only neutral colors**

Amal (daughter):  Shoe: 2.5-3 years ; Clothing: 2.5-3 years

Mohamed (son):  Shoe: 12 months ; Clothing: 12-18 months

Sherazi Family mother and 1 son      FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED – ELF family manager is Ali S

Brishna is a 30-year-old woman from Afghanistan. She and her 9-year-old son Samir moved to Boise five months ago from Pakistan. While Brishna identifies as being from Afghanistan, she lived in Pakistan for 25 years- the majority of her life. Brishna has only a little bit of schooling which is a contributing factor to why she speaks little to no English. Brishna is currently unemployed due to health issues.Samir is nine years old and was born in Pakistan. He is currently enrolled at Ann Morrison School. He does speak English. His English is pretty good considering the short time he has been in the United States. Samir was able to communicate with me in English and respond to the questions I asked him as well as speak in his native tongue to an interpreter. The family desperately needs a laptop. Brishna told us that it is too expensive to call her relatives back in Pakistan so they do not get to communicate with their family. They need a laptop with a camera and microphone capabilities so they are able to Skype with their family. A laptop is also vital to this family so that once Brishna is feeling better she is able to use the internet to apply for jobs because in today’s society so many places require that you first apply online.

Both Brishna and Samir need winter clothes. Neither one of them have items like coats, snow boots, gloves, hats, or scarves. They need warm blankets to put on their queen size bedding. They have some blankets, but not anything thick enough for winter. Currently, the family has one small love seat in their living room. They are in need of a couch to put in there so that there is someplace besides the floor for the family and guests to sit on. Lastly, this home is without a vacuum. Samir’s shirt size is a children’s medium or size 8. He is a size medium or 6 in pants and a 4 in shoes (size 5 is recommended for snow boots). Samir’s wish list includes a bike, a remote control car and a gaming device of some sort such as an Xbox or Play Station. Brishna is an XL in shirts. Her pant size is a 12 and a size 10 in shoes. Brishna is a 7/8 in dress size. While she would enjoy items like make up, her wish list includes a laptop with Skype capabilities so that she is able to be in contact with her family back in Pakistan.

NadifaAhmed family from Somalia.    FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED – ELF family manager is Lonni

Nadifa a single mother of two young children came to the United States in June. She arrived here on June 21st, 2013 and gave birth to her son Mohamed on June 22, 2013. She also brought her three-year-old daughter Sbrin. Nadifa (36) was born in Somalia and fled to a refugee camp in Uganda in 2006. She has had 9 children; 4 passed on in the civil war, 2 are living with the grandparents in Somalia, 1 went missing in 2005 during the wars (she was 10) and her husband was murdered in the Civil war in 2006. The reason she wanted to move to the United States was to make sure her kids got a better education and living situation.

This single mother is really struggling and has a lot of basic needs for her children including gloves, jackets, a snowsuit for the kids, stroller for newborn, diapers (size 3), a walker for Mohamed to play in, and teething toys. For Sbrin she would love some easy reading books, and a small bike. They also need some household items to fill their empty apartment like a microwave, food processor, vacuum, cleaning supplies for floor and countertops, night-lights for the kids, curtains (standard sliding door and 48in window) and a clock for the wall.

Nadifa needs snow boots for the winter, a warm jacket, bed sheets and warm blankets for a queen sized bed, towels, a watch, leggings (xxxl) and pants (36). She would love a bigger entertainment center so her TV can fit on it, a computer or laptop to pay bills and apply for jobs when the kids get old enough. Sizes: Nadifa (Mom)  -  Shoe: 6 ½   /   Shirt: XL Sabrin (3 year old)  -  Size: 18-24 months  /  Shoe: 25 (European) Mohamed (Newborn)  -  Size: 3-6 months

Kazem family of 4  FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED – ELF family manager is Marie Mohammad Hasham (father), Ruzanna (mother) Ameli (daughter 4), Sadia (daughter 2) Hasham was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. At the age of 10 his family moved to Russia. He studied International relation at a university for 4 years. Ruzanna was born in Armenia. Her family moved to Russia when she was 8 months old. Ruzanna has 2 degress from a Russian university history and law. Both of the girls were born in Russia. The family arrived in Boise 21 June 2013. The family’s greatest needs are as follows: Winter clothing: Coats / gloves / hats / snow pants Computer: Hasham is attending school at CWI and the family needs one for household use (bill paying) Appliances: Microwave / blender / food processor / smaller winter blankets and pillows for the children Dishes: Glass baking casserole dishes Clothing sizes Dad – Pants 32-34 / shirt Med / gloves large Mom – Pants 31-32 (ladies) / shirt med / med gloves / med coat (winter) Ameli age 4 – Pants 4t / shirt 4t / shoe 10 / needs all things winter (hat / coat/ gloves/ scarf/ boots/ snow pants) Sadia age 2 – Pants 3t / shirt 3t / shoe 10 / needs all things winter (hat / coat/ gloves/ scarf/ boots/ snow pants) Would like to have: Dad – Kite (Afghanistan style) / camera / likes sports volleyball and soccer Mom – Paints / brushes / easel and art supplies Ameli 4 – Loves music likes electric keyboards / princess items Sadia 2 – Music player / toys (dolls, trucks, all age appropriate toys)

Darjee 1Darjee 2Darjee family from Bhutan. FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED – family manager is …They then made their way to Nepal and later to the United States. Pruna (Grandfather) and Dil (Grandmother) arrived here about two months ago. With them they brought their son Dil, his wife Urmila, and their kids; son Soynja (16), daughter Sarmila (15), and their other son Sowolip (18).

They each need warm clothes such as jackets, hats, gloves, boots, and socks. Sowolip would like a backpack for school, and Sarmila would like a basketball and soccer ball to play with. Urmila would like some yoga pants or leggings, a 5-foot by 8-foot rug, winter blankets, and pots and pans to cook with. Dil (father of children) would love a bike but most of all he wants a car to share with his family and to get around safely this winter.

Pruna (Grandfather) needs a jacket, hats, pants and gloves and would love a rice cooker. Dil also needs a jacket, hat and gloves. Everyone in the family needs simple necessities like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner. Also something high on the family’s wish list is a computer to complete homework, pay bills and find local jobs.

Sizes: Pruna (Grandfather)  -  Shirt: M  /  Shoe: 8 Dil (Grandmother)  -  Shirt: M  /  Shoe: 7 Dil (Son)  -  Shirt: M  /  Shoe: 8 Urmila (Wife)  -  Shirt: M  /  Shoe: 8  /  Leggings: L Soynja (Son)  -  Shirt: L  /  Shoe: 8  /  Pants: 3 (Europe) Sarmila (Daughter)  -  Shirt: M  /  Shoe: 6  /  Pants: 9 (kids)  /  Leggings: L Sowolip (Son)  -  Shoe: 8  /  Shirt: L  /  Pants: 3 (Europe)

SubbaSubba family  of 3 plus baby on the way FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED – ELF family manager is Lonni

The family is originally from Bhutan who later moved to Nepal, then finally made their way to the United States about 11 months ago.  Ratina (30) and Martha (21) brought their daughter Ruth (2) to the United States and they are now expecting another one in December.

In Ratina’s home country he was a chef for about 17 years.  Here in the United States he got a full-time job as a cook, but soon found himself unemployed about 3 months ago due to budget cuts.  As the winter is approaching they need a few things to get by, such as; diapers for both Ruth and the newborn sizes 3 and newborn.  Ruth also needs a snowsuit (2T), boots (6), socks and warm clothes for the wintertime.  The newborn baby who is due December 30th also needs some warm winter pajamas, a hat, gloves, and warm blankets.  Ruth would also love a small little bike for spring and summer time.  Ratina needs boots, socks, and a warm jacket.  Martha needs socks, leggings (yoga pants) and a warm jacket.

For the home the family needs a few things, such as; a microwave to cook food, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Sizes: Ratina (dad)  -  Jacket: medium  /  Shoe: 8 Martha (mom)  -  Shoe: 7  /  Shirts/jackets: medium  /  Leggings: medium  /  Jeans: 8 Ruth (daughter)  -  Shoe: 6 (kid)  /  Shirts/Jackets: 2T-3T  /  Snowsuit: 2T Newborn baby  -  Diapers (NB)  /  Warm clothes: 0-3 months or 3-6 months

Castillo family of 3 from Tumaco Columbia  FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED – family manager is Mary K

Luz Enith (mother)  46   Andres Felipe Quinones (son) 10   Maria Alyandro (daughter)  5 The family arrived in Boise two months ago.  Items they need include:

Blankets , a clock, pillows, bath towels, hand towels, toaster oven, blender, toaster, pot, broom, mop, iron, laundry basket, hangers, blow dryer, hair brush.  They all need gloves jackets and boots for the winter.    The family profile indicates roller skates however, not clear who wanted them.

Luz Enith:  Shoe size 9  /  clothing size 2x (16-18)  /  Her favorite colors are blue and white .  She would really like a bicycle and a wrist watch. Andres:  shoe size 37 (europe)  /  clothing size xl  /  he likes blue.  He’d like a bicycle and spiderman toys. Maria:  shoe size  13  /  clothing size  M (7-8)    She likes the colors orange, blue and yellow and would like dolls and a bicycle.

Bellancine Family   FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED – family manager is Angie Mukeshimawa Bellancine (mother) Ido Mbonimpa (Son 16) / Queen (daughter 10) Mukeshimawa and Ido were both born in Burundi, Africa. Queen was born in South Africa . The family arrived in Boise 20 March 2013. Winter clothing: Coats / gloves / hats / snow pants New born items: Mukeshimawa is expecting and needs all things required for a baby (don’t know sex)  Appliances:  toaster Dishes: Pots and pans Clothing sizes Mom  -  Pants 18 (ladies) / shirt large / med gloves / coat 40 (winter) / shoe 9 ½ Ido -  age 16 -  Pants 34-32 / Med / shoe 9 / needs all things winter (hat / coat/ gloves/ scarf/ boots/ snow pants) / socks Queen – age 10   Pants 10 / shirt 7 Med / shoe 2 / needs all things winter (hat / coat/ gloves/ scarf/ boots/ snow pants) / socks Would like to have: Mom  -  Movies Action/comedies / camera Ido  -  Soccer shoes / Bike / IPOD Queen  -  TV/DvD player / loves all things Disney (movies) Mukeshimawa works part time at the Walmart in Nampa and is an expecting mother. The baby’s father is not in the picture. This family’s biggest need is consistent employment closer to their home.

chantalChantal and 4 children from Congo FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED – ELF family manager is Jeanie.  Chantal and her 4 children arrived in Boise on November 12th from Rwanda

Chantal (mom) age 33 Divine 11y daughter Adolphe 9y Son Cynthia 6y daughter Jovia 4 y Daughtwer

The family needs winter clothing

Chantal 33y mom   size S Divine 11y daughter  size 11 girl Adolphe 9y Son    size 9y boy Cynthia 6y daughter   size 6 y Girl Jovia 4 y Daughter   4T

Blankets, comforter, bed sheets three twins and one full. DVD players, stock pot and nice pans, storage containers, lunch boxes for kids. Purse for the mom, hygiene items, laundry detergent, coins for laundry, toilet paper and cleaning supply. Towels, trash bags. They did not provide information on wish list items.  Maybe they can give ideas to their sponsoring ELF family at the Christmas party.


The Rai family of 4 from Bhutane  FAMILY HAS BEEN ADOPTED ELF Family Manager is Amanda The Rai family arrived in Boise in November from Bhutan. In 1992 they fled to Nepal as refugees. Lived in the camps in Nepal for 20 years. Not easy life cannot be citizen, no opportunities. Kamal Kumar  Dad   24y shoe 7, shirt size S, pants 29 short Sanjita 21y   Mom   Size shoe 6, clothes small, pants 4 or 6 petite Kusal     Son       4y        Size shoe 10, clothes 4boys, pants 4boys Monmaya   Mother of Kamal  82y     Size shoe 6.5, clothes small

They would like a sewing machine, cleaning supplies for bathrooms and kitchen ,toilet paper, laundry detergent,Winter clothing, such as coat or jackets, boots, purses for ladies and watches for everyone, please. Blankets or comforters, warm scarf. Rice cooker or steamer.  TV, DVD, bike for the dad and the son, ladies bike, English learning materials, toys and books for kids my son’s age.

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